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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

There is no "Set cost", to be able to mould your rubber product, a mould tool will have to be manufactured. This can be done as a one off cost so then you get the items off the tool at item price or the cost of the rubber tool can be divided over the first production run. For example Cost of Tool / 100 items.

What are Cavities?

Cavities are the number on impressions in the rubber mould tool. Each cavity will manufacture one item.

Is there any return on tooling?

The more information you have about the future of the product the better the return. If you know the item will run in the future, investment in a multi-cavity tooling will pay for its self very much quicker the single cavity tooling. Please feel to talk to use for advise on tool sizing. A single cavity tool will only produce item every cycles (Normally 8 minutes with rubber). A more expensive four cavity tool will manufacture 4 items every 8 minute cycle, so the item run time costing is only 2 minutes per item compared to 8 minutes per item on the single cavity. This with over a 1000 items will pay back very quickly.

Can I change material of a component?

Yes, but be aware that different materials shrink at different rates once they have cooled after manufacture. This will sometimes make items made on the same tool but made in different material different sizes.

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